Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chatime Malaysia

It's now expanding and expanding- the HOTTEST drinks in town- Chatime!
Chatime is originated from Taiwan, featuring Taiwan drinks, especially well-known Pearl Milk Tea, and Chatime is one of the international franchise- and it's now quickly expanding in Malaysia.
It's getting nearer and nearer to everybody- from Damansara, they opened one in Selayang, and opened one in 1 Utama, opened one in Midvalley Cinema, and one in Solaris Mont Kiara... the news updating very frequently about new outlets opening soon; and it's been the hottest common topic among drinks lovers!

Chatime featuring lots of variety of drinks- from the very traditional tea- even 'Tie Guan Yin', but they make it new- and make it suitable with the taste of the modern drinkers. 
They've got lots of series; Mango Series, Milk Tea Series, Smoothies, Coffee, Hot Drinks, QQ Series, even Yogurt drinks, Juice, and their very own Chatime Mix.
Even the menu makes you excited- but it's extremely hard to choose if you have some difficulties in making choice:
Chatime Menu- Lot's of drinks! (Click to expand the view)
And here are some drinks recommended by me; some by my friends, and hopefully helpful to those who are making some hard choices about what to drink.

Strawberry Pudding Au-Lait (RM6.90 Regular) - Girl's Favourite- Ice blended with pudding with the flavor of Strawberry.
Quite good in taste but depends individually. Some finds it 'milky'.

(From left) Matcha Green Tea Latte (RM5.90 Regular) If you like Matcha and Latte- try it out- but  lots of people think it's 'weird'
Mango QQ (RM5.90 Regular) - generally accepted by public- simple mango drink, nothing special
Strawberry Pudding, and Mango QQ
Grape Smoothie (RM5.90 Regular)- Just a better version of Ribena.
Signature drinks- (from left) Iced Plum Tea, Red Bean Milk Tea, Pearl Milk Tea, Japanese Matcha Red Bean Smoothie.
All are generally quite popular.

These 7 drinks are their recent signature drinks. All are worth trying out!

My nearest Chatime outlet- Selayang Mall. So crowded when they were having buy 1 free 1 promotion.

Also here are some friendly note from me:

ALL yoghurt drinks they sell is quite nice- as i love the taste of yoghurt- Lemon Yoghurt Smoothie, Strawberry Yoghurt Smoothie is nice!

Yakult Green Tea is another nice drinks- but some people find it 'sips of hell' and extremely weird.

Though Chatime is well-known and expanding- giving the public a very good image- but the quality of the drinks they made is very 'unstable'- The taste of the same drink may be different every time you order- sometimes it's OK, sometimes it's too sweet, sometimes it's tasteless.

But if you want to buy some drinks on the go- to work- or shopping- and if you ask me where to buy- then it will be definitely something like this- and Chatime is on the top of the list.

Here are the website of Chatime if you are interested in looking for more details of the making or menu etc, kindly check out

UPDATE: Chatime is now offically certified HALAL. 

UPDATE DATED 29th September 2012

It's a sip of heaven. <3

UPDATED DATED 17th January 2013.

Newest flavour in town. With the tasty Horlicks!

for limited time only! 

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  1. There's one in Subang Jaya and I have tried one or two of the drinks here, not too bad.